July 2015 Update

tvvfdThe Tanque Verde Valley Fire District recently had Treasurer Robert “Bob” Jones retire as a member of the Board of Directors, after ten years of dedicated service to the district. Bob Jones was the final member of the founding board members to leave, after the retirement of two previous founding members, Kaye Treese and Dave Baird. All three gave many years of dedicated service to the Tanque Verde Valley Fire District, and the community which it represents. We appreciate the work you have done, and you will be missed. The Tanque Verde Valley Fire District board welcomes Tucson Fire Fighter, Steve Ruetz, as the newest member of the board appointed to fill the vacant position on the board.

Members of the Tanque Verde Valley Fire District board are residents of the community in an elected, although unpaid volunteer position. The board members are required to give a good deal of personal time and energy, to prepare for the bi-monthly meetings which are mandated for the representation of the district in budgeting for the annual contract with Rural Metro Fire Department, and to meet the fulfillment of the various intergovernmental obligations to Pima County and the State of Arizona.

The Tanque Verde Valley Fire District Board’s future goal is to consistently minimize the annual fire district tax rate, while meeting the obligation of contracting for the optimum fire service available for the citizens of the district. As a resident within a fire district, the annual cost of the contracted fire service with a service provider, such as Rural Metro Fire, is included in the district resident’s yearly Pima County Property Tax and therefore tax deductible. The residential members of a fire district also directly benefit from a legislated return by the state of Arizona on a Fire District Assistance Tax (FDAT), which is a maximum of 20% of each fire districts Proposed Property Tax Levy. The 20% FDAT tax benefit is not available to residents outside of a fire district. The district recently installed two new fire hydrants at

Ft Lowell & Sourdough and Ft Lowell & Showdown, with a $15,000 grant obtained from Pima County.

The next bi-monthly meeting of the The Tanque Verde Valley Fire District Board is scheduled for Wednesday July 15th 2015 at 7pm at the Tanque Verde Unified School District Board Room,

2300 N Tanque Verde Loop Road, Tucson, AZ 85749. Meetings are open to the public, and residents of the district are welcome to attend. Additional information on the Fire District can be found at WWW.TVVFD.com.