Smoke Detectors

Be fire-safe in your home and always have working smoke detectors and test them monthly. It is recommended that batteries be replaced every six months but at the very least, annually. Rural/Metro can provide assistance in battery replacement for District residents, at no cost, by calling 624-9913 with a request for service. The resident must supply the new 9 volt batteries and the firefighters will perform the service. Sometimes it is found that the detectors are dirty or faulty, the firefighters will offer suggestions to fix potential problems so the system will operate efficiently. Carbon monoxide detectors are also a worthwhile safety monitor for installation in the home.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm Calls

Southwest Gas Corporation has been considering revising their procedures concerning responses to carbon monoxide-related emergency calls from the public.
Southwest is in the process of centralizing its call centers in its three-state service area and must have unform procedures to handle these calls. They are working with the fire departments, 911 call centers and other emergency response organizations to establish mutually agreed upon procedures but this will take some time to implement.

Until further notice, it is recommended you first call 911 from a safe location and then call Southwest at 520-746-1076 or 1-800-722-4277. Their response should be “A company representative will be there as soon as possible”. Southwest gas strongly recommends all occupants leave the building, leaving the door open and not to re-enter the building for any reason. TVVFD will continue to monitor this situation with Southwest Gas and will try to keep you informed of any changes.

Address Numbers

To provide the best possible service, time is critical for 1st responders in reaching your home, especially emergency medical equipment and personnel. We can help by providing address numbers that are visible from both travel directions. I have installed reflective, 3-inch high numbers on my mail box and this greatly increases visibility.